Lonely Traveler
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Wait, dear traveler, and take a rest from your troubles among friends... The paths we choose to go alone are often the loneliest. When you feel alone or scared or tired or pinned down by the struggles of this life, may you find peace and comfort here in these pages. For the wise words of a fellow traveler reaches out across time and space barring aid and hope. In this latest collection of poetry, author Brooksie D. Thompson explores the depths of depression, solace, and loss. The shadow of the human spirit emerges in incredible vividness and technicolor as its many shades and shapes take form through the experience of pain and suffering. Once again using her incredible insight and mastery of language and emotion, this poet paints the spectrum of the human experience in a masterful display. So whatever shape your hurt has taken--no matter the weight of the pain on your heart--there is a guiding hand and a comforting shoulder in these pages, that bare the lonely traveler home.

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